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It is important to carefully follow pre-authoriation procedures to avoid any penalties of failureto pre-authorise. The procedures below carefully outline what you need to do 1.)  worldwide outside the US; and 2.) in the US.


Pre-authorisation is required in all cases where covered medical services are to exceed USD $500. In addition, pre-authorisation is required for all In-patient hospitalisation and out-patient surgery.

Within the UAE, GCC and Worldwide
800 4882 or +971 4 275 7802
(For local numbers please refer to your MedNet card)

Accessing Care in the US - US Verification of Benefits,  Pre-authorisation and Admissions

All treatment in the U.S. must be pre-authorised. Make sure your provider pre-authorises your medical treatment.

Utilising the UnitedHealthcare network simplifies your pre-authorisation process and claims filing. To find a UnitedHealthcare provider in your vicinity go to: and choose UnitedHealthcare Options PPO

Please be sure to bring your membership card with you as it contains valuable information for your provider to access the UnitedHealthcare network. Failure to provide this information could result in you paying the difference between the network rate and the providers normal charge.

For Provider Services (US Medical Claims only):

Call: +1 800 718 1293
(inpatient notification required)

UHC Electronic Payer ID: 87726
Network: UnitedHealthcare Options PPO

Submit claims:
UnitedHealth International,
P.O. Box 740372,
Atlanta, GA 30374-0372

Submit a claim using the yourHealth app

The easiest way to manage your Integra Global health plan is through our app. DOWNLOAD yourHealth to submit claims, pre-authorise treatment, view previous claims’ status and speak with our Member Care team.

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