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New telehealth service added to all SALAMA Integra Global health plans

We are very excited to introduce a brand new telehealth service into all of our SALAMA Integra Global Individual and Group health plans.

All existing and new members now have immediate access to telehealth, at no additional cost.

The service provides our members with secure access to a DHA-accredited doctor via mobile video consultation, from the convenience and comfort of their homes or offices, or whilst away.

Services can be accessed by smartphone or tablet, saving our members travel time and cost, or waiting for an appointment at a busy medical centre or doctors surgery.

In addition, telehealth consultations are not subject to co-payment, increasing the value of our health plans, and providing extra choice for members as to how they select their plan options, and manage their premiums.

We have selected Health at Hand as our partner for telehealth services – the first telemedicine provider licensed by the DHA.

Health at Hand’s doctors are able to quickly and conveniently assess symptoms, provide diagnoses, make treatment recommendations and advise on required medications.

Full telehealth services include: 

  • Video consultations: Access to a DHA licensed physician for real-time advice on a number of medical conditions. Members may consult a doctor from anywhere at no additional charge and will not be subject to co-payment. 
  • E-referrals: E-referrals through the Dubai Health Authority Post Office (DHPO) for specialist consultations.
  • E-prescriptions: E-prescriptions issued through the Dubai Health Authority Post Office (DHPO) for over-the-counter (OTC) medications.
  • Medication delivery: Medications delivered to the member’s location. Health at Hand does not charge for this service, however there is a delivery fee of AED 5 charged by the pharmacy and payable directly to them upon delivery.

The service is available:  Saturday – Thursday: 6am – 10pm GST
                                                            Friday: 9am – 6pm GST.

Our members can access the service simply by downloading the ‘Health at Hand: Online Doctor’ app, which is available on Google Play and the App Store.

Click here to download our guide to using telehealth services.

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