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Renewal Rewards Programme

Rewarding our responsible members with discounts on their health plan

We're proud that our plans represent the best value available in the UAE market by a considerable margin.

Our first priority has always been to provide outstanding protection to all our SALAMA Integra Global members. Our second priority is to make sure that we can offer this coverage at an affordable price.

The UAE is a challenging region to achieve these goals, due to rising medical inflation costs. Factors such as new and expensive medical technology, increased demand and competition for facilities, growing compensation for medical professionals and widespread over-utilisation have led to medical inflation sitting between 11-12% over the last few years.

This all makes for an environment with continually rising health insurance premiums. Our Renewal Rewards Programme is there to offset the rise of health insurance premiums by rewarding responsible use of our plans. The Rewards Renewal Programme enables nearly 70% of our member’s to enjoy a discount on their health insurance premium.

Members will be informed whether they have qualified for a discount at renewal. 

To be clear, we don’t penalise large claims, serious illnesses or hospitalisation and our programme is there to simply help fairly address and reward all those that use our plans responsibly, within it's intention and scope.

To learn more about our Renewal Rewards Programme, please get in touch with our Member Care team.

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